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TextBehind® DOCS System

TextBehind® is proud to announce the launch of our new system, TextBehind DOCS. It will enable Attorneys, Public Officials, and Organizations to send privileged and non-privileged documents to incarcerated individuals. To learn more about TextBehind, please go to https://corporate.textbehind.com 

1) Attorneys, Public Officials, Organizations, and Educators:

Please create a new account and select the most appropriate account type based on your profession and usage of the system. Please go to docs.textbehind.com to learn more and register.

2) Family & Friends:

The family & friends can also send documents to their incarcerated loved ones. Please continue using this website https://www.textbehind.com, log in or create a new account by choosing the account type "Family & Friends". When creating a new order to send documents, please choose the General Document order type option from the main menu. You can also download the TextBehind mobile apps for your iPhone and Android smartphones.

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TextBehind® is a secure global service and was created in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Economics

TextBehind was created to provide an easier, more affordable method of communication to the family, friends and their incarcerated loved ones nationwide. Additionally, our technology and process protects the correctional facility staff in many different ways.

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