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Connecting Relationships Today For a Better Tomorrow

TextBehind Family & Friends Portal: https://family.textbehind.com
This website and the companion mobile app for Apple and Android Smartphones enable 
family and friends to communicate with incarcerated loved ones conveniently, consistently, and affordably. We consistently make internal and external efforts to offer more value and options to our valued customers to enjoy using our services. We acknowledge that having a loved one incarcerated is a challenge not everyone can comprehend. Please know that we are here to give you genuine respect and provide all necessary assistance. TextBehind is a compassion-driven service, and "Connecting Relationships Today for a Better Tomorrow" is our mission. Our entire team focuses on this objective daily when processing your communication orders. Thank you for choosing TextBehind to communicate with your loved ones. We appreciate you.  

TextBehind DOCS Portal for Legal Mail: https://docs.textbehind.com/
This portal enables 
attorneyspublic officials, and correctional institutions to send, receive, and process contraband-free legal mail with sender/attorney verification. Organizations, educators, and publishers can also send educational and inspirational content to correctional institutions. 

TextBehind Corporate Website: https://corporate.textbehind.com
Please visit this website to learn more about TextBehind services. 

Connecting Relationships
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TextBehind® is a secure global service established in collaboration with the Maryland Department of Economics.

TextBehind is a technology innovation company focusing on the U.S. Corrections space with two primary objectives:

  1. Provide a convenient, consistent, and more affordable method of communication for family and friends to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones nationwide.
  2. Provide systems, processes, and services to correctional facilities to optimize mailroom operations, save taxpayer dollars, eliminate health and safety risks for mailroom personnel, and more. Please visit the TextBehind Corporate website to learn more about our technology and services.
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4.9 / 5.0 based on 1360 verified customer reviews
K. Dam
This was easier than I thought
C. Valdivia
FAST AND EASY HASSLE FREE COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR LOVED ONE! I was able to locate and contact my brother with NO HASSLE and in less than 24 hours my letter to my brother was received, processed , approved and delivered with ZERO complications or delays! He called me that very same day!! Thank you 'TextBehind' for helping me get in touch with my brother when he needed me the most. And...not too awfully spendy. And it accepts CASHAPP!!! It would be a perfect and flawless app. if the prices could be lowered a little. It would make this app. 100% BETTER THEN ANY OUT THERE! (I still prefer this app over 'Securus' any time!) Again thank you for your easy fast and professional service.
T. Blackwell
Great job 👏 This is a great way to spend time with your incarcerated love one Great way to be apart of your love ones life with text behind
E. Townsend
So glad to have this working. Took awhile but very happy now. Thanks for making correspondence with ones we care for possible!!