TextBehind Inmate Mail Scanning Service and Mail Management Software

Join our growing list of State DOCs, and county correctional facilities nationwide utilizing the TextBehind’s industry-proven service and technology that eliminates contraband from the inmate mail by 100% within 24-hours of implementation.

  • Ensure safety and security of the mailroom staff
  • Save time, cost and enjoy hassle-free service
  • Reduce mail related inmate grievances by 95%
  • Enable frequent communication, and educational content for the incarcerated individuals leading to fewer behavioral incidents
  • Ability to redeploy correctional officers from mailroom to other parts of the facility

TextBehind® Performance

Based on Actual Data

Contraband Elimination From Inmate Mail
Full control on Mail Review, Approval & Investigations
Reduction in Mail Related Grievances
Reduction in Mail Processing Time and Related Costs
Reduction in Physical Mail Volume and Billing
Customer Service Response within ONE-HOUR
Rating by Family &
4.8 / 5.0
Rating by Correctional Institutions
4.9 / 5.0

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Save time and money by creating communications for your incarcerated loved one online using the TextBehind website, or better yet, download our FREE mobile app:

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TextBehind® DMS

For business organizations
to send mass communications

How to send your documents to TextBehind for processing:

While the TextBehind DMS (Document Mailing System) Automated Portal is currently not launched for public use, our team is available to process your document mailing orders nationwide upon request.

Please visit http://family.textbehind.com/help-topics and refer to the help topics listed under Category 10 for more information regarding the document mailing system.

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TextBehind® Lemps

For attorneys
to send legal mail online


TextBehind Lemps (Legal Mail Processing System) is a secure website offered to the attorneys to upload their legal documents to be delivered to the participating correctional institutions nationwide.

All legal mail is processed at the correctional institution in compliance with the Attorney-Client privilege. This includes electronic and physical legal mail.

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TextBehind® Publications

For everyone
to send books & magazines


This online secure ordering of books & magazines service is managed by TextBehind to ensure that publications are delivered to the correctional institutions free of any kind of contraband.

This technology not only makes ordering easier for the senders, it also provides the correctional facility the ability to pre-approve a publication before it is delivered to the incarcerated individuals.

TextBehind® CAMMP

For correctional institutions

to manage daily inmate mail using a powerful technology


TextBehind® CAMMP (software and service) is the most practical and effective process to eliminate contraband from inmate mail and to reduce mailroom operational costs through intelligent automation and process efficiencies. This system is generally provided at NO-COST to the correctional institutions.
Terms apply.

The features, functionality, and use of the TextBehind CAMMP portal are protected by U.S. patent no. 11,178,278. You may not access, download, copy, modify, distribute, transmit, display, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any part of the CAMMP portal for commercial purposes, whether on behalf of yourself or a third party.