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This website and the companion mobile app for Apple and Android Smartphones enable 
family and friends to communicate with incarcerated loved ones conveniently, consistently, and affordably. We consistently make internal and external efforts to offer more value and options to our valued customers to enjoy using our services. We acknowledge that having a loved one incarcerated is a challenge not everyone can comprehend. Please know that we are here to give you genuine respect and provide all necessary assistance. TextBehind is a compassion-driven service, and "Connecting Relationships Today for a Better Tomorrow" is our mission. Our entire team focuses on this objective daily when processing your communication orders. Thank you for choosing TextBehind to communicate with your loved ones. We appreciate you.  

TextBehind DOCS Portal for Legal Mail: https://docs.textbehind.com/
This portal enables 
attorneyspublic officials, and correctional institutions to send, receive, and process contraband-free legal mail with sender/attorney verification. Organizations, educators, and publishers can also send educational and inspirational content to correctional institutions. 

TextBehind Corporate Website: https://corporate.textbehind.com
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TextBehind® DOCS is the new
Document Management and Mailing System
for Attorneys, Public Officials and Organizations
to send privileged and non-privileged documents
to the participating correctional institutions

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How it works

To Send Privileged Mail:

You must be an attorney or a public official to send confidential documents that are subject to the Attorney-Client privilege and protection. Using this system, the privileged mail can be sent to the participating correctional facilities only.

To Send Non-Privileged Mail:

You must be associated with an organization that sends educational and inspirational content to the incarcerated individuals in any correctional institution nationwide. All such mailings are subject to review and approval by the controlling institution.

For Attorneys and Public Officials

Data and Document Encryption

All documents sent through the TextBehind system are protected by industry-standard REST encryption and end-to-end encryption during data transmission.

The privileged mail is not accessible by TextBehind staff at any time under any circumstances or to anyone else except the sender (attorney/public official) and the correctional facility personnel trained and authorized to process the legal mail protected by the attorney-client privilege.

If you’d like to speak to a TextBehind representative about document security protocols, please contact us.

Mail Processing and Privacy

Legal mail documents are processed only when the recipient (an incarcerated individual) can monitor the mail opening and inspection session. Therefore all these documents are immediately encrypted when uploaded to the TextBehind® system and submitted to the intended correctional facility’s secure mail processing portal, called the TextBehind CAMMP.

The TextBehind CAMMP system (Comprehensive Access to Mail and Management Portal) is a patented, cloud-based, and highly secure technology that enables the correctional facility staff to access and process mail efficiently. This system is programmed to decrypt protected files only when processing.

Legal mail documents and orders are NOT accessible by the TextBehind Support Staff. Please log in, and refer to the "My Account >> Transaction History" section for document delivery status updates. 

Standard documents (non-privileged mail) are processed by either the TextBehind staff or the correctional facility mailroom staff depending on the terms of our contract with the destination facility.

Video Evidence Recording

One of the key features of the TextBehind DOCS system is Video Evidence Recording for Legal Mail.

At the time of placing an order for legal mail delivery, the sender can request video evidence that was designed to record the mail processing activity (not the contents) to demonstrate that mail was processed in the presence of the intended incarcerated individual, and it was handled professionally with regards to the attorney-client privilege rules and regulations.


It is possible that the requested video evidence may not be available or provided by the correctional facility staff due to a few reasons, some of which may be the following:

  1. Your legal document was accessed by the incarcerated individual electronically using a tablet or kiosk. Therefore the mail processing activity was skipped.

  2. Video evidence was not recorded due to security reasons at the time of processing mail.

  3. Video evidence file was unavailable due to hardware malfunction, software error, or internet connectivity issues.

In these circumstances, the TextBehind system will automatically refund any fees originally added to your order. 

Mitigating security and impersonation concerns:

We understand that some legal documents need to be sent to the correctional institution by postal mail, however, in addition to the contraband smuggling threat, the impersonator issue is creating additional security concerns not only for the correctional institutions but also for the reputation of certain legal firms.

The TextBehind MOVE Code is offered to serve as an intermediary mechanism to build trust between the legitimate legal mail senders and the correctional institutions.

What is MOVE Code and how does it work when sending legal mail:

  • MOVE QR Code (example shown to the right-hand side) is issued to a customer registered and approved in the TextBehind system as an attorney.

  • This QR Code will need to be displayed outside the envelope containing the legal mail so that the correctional institution staff can scan it using the TextBehind MOVE app to verify the validity and origin of the postal mail. If the QR Code is invalid or not displayed on the envelope, your legal mail may be rejected based on the security concerns mentioned above.

  • To further protect the credibility of the legal mail, the QR Code expires after a certain time, for example, 30 days. This validity timeframe can change based on the rules followed by the correctional facility and the TextBehind staff.

Attorney Approval List and Identification Documents

The Attorney Approval List is managed only by the participating correctional institution.

To prevent impersonation concerns, improper use of the TextBehind system, or illegal activities, the correctional institution may require a legal firm to register with the TextBehind system and provide identification documents. Failure to comply with such requirements may cause legal mail delivery delays or rejection due to security concerns.

If the controlling institution may require identification documents, they can send such requests by email address or phone number provided on your TextBehind account. Please make sure that your contact information is valid at all times.

Please also note that if the controlling institution has such a requirement and you’re not on the Approved Attorney List, you will not be able to send legal documents electronically until you comply with the applicable rules.

About TextBehind®

TextBehind® is a technology innovation company that provides systems and services for the public safety agencies, such as correctional institutions.

We have been serving various technology-based solutions designed to achieve the following goals:

  1. Eliminate contraband from the inmate mailings by 100%

  2. Enhance safety and efficiency in the mailroom

  3. Connect the outside world with incarcerated individuals affordably, conveniently and as efficiently as possible

  4. Reduce mail-related grievances to improve morale and reduce behavioral incidents

  5. Save time, hassle, and costs across the board

Due to our focus on innovation, business ethics, and the level of professionalism, TextBehind® has become one of the leading and most respected companies in the U.S. corrections industry.

Our relentless pursuit of service excellence has enabled us to become a great industry partner and a team you can trust and work with for years to come.

For Organizations and Educators

Organizations such as Churches, Ministries, and other individuals send educational and inspirational content to incarcerated individuals frequently; they go through a highly inconvenient process of maintaining outdated contact lists per facility, printing, packaging individualized documents, and then shipping. All this process takes time, higher costs, and hassle. Additionally, the rejected or undelivered letters are another reason so much of this effort is wasted.

On the other side, inside the prison mailrooms, the staff also have to handle the bulk of educational mail with a certain degree of anxiety because it's laborious work, and they're often short-staffed.

That is where the TextBehind DOCS system makes a significant difference. Now, you can focus on creating more high-quality content. When creating an order, select your desired recipient(s), upload documents, pay online, and send. TextBehind will take care of everything else for you. All documents to each inmate will be organized, printed, and delivered in a very professional manner.

Many organizations have used the TextBehind DMS service (now TextBehind DOCS) to send thousands of documents. Join the community to save money, time, and hassle with the TextBehind DOCS system.

FREE Docuemnt Shipping is Applicable to the Participating Partnered Facilities Only

A growing list of industry partners, such as inmate telephone companies, commissary vendors, and tablet/kiosk hardware providers, utilize TextBehind as their preferred inmate mail management technology and service. As a result, depending on the mail delivery service model implemented at the correctional facility, we may deliver your documents electronically or in print format to the selected recipient(s), including the onsite mail printing and offsite mail printing with shipping processes.

TextBehind team will professionally manage the mail delivery process exactly how we handle thousands of communications daily for our customers nationwide.

* The most notable advantage to you is the FREE SHIPPING if your order is going to any of our partnered correctional facilities, and that list is constantly growing. Any shipping fees charged are only by the postal carrier like the USPS®. TextBehind does not add a markup on your shipping costs.

The applicable shipping cost will be displayed directly from the USPS® system at the time of order, based on how much content you may send with your order.

When sending the same document(s) to multiple incarcerated individuals, the TextBehind DOCS system dramatically minimizes your work by automating the document replication and customization process.

Instead of printing, packaging, and shipping the same document(s) multiple times, you can upload just one in the TextBehind DOCS system, select your desired recipients under Mass Communication order type, and send.

There’s little difference between sending a set of documents to an individual or a large group of recipients. Let TextBehind DOCS system help you save precious time that you can utilize for more important things as an educator and content creator.

Regardless of what type of document(s) you send to the correctional facilities, TextBehind takes the security of your files very seriously. Therefore, our system data is not only encrypted during TRANSMISSION but also AT REST. But we do not stop there. Additional security measures behind the scene make our service one of the most secure and reliable communication platforms.

It is a fact that most organizations do not have the tools and time to keep track of all costs related to their existing manual processes when managing document shipping for various customers. For example:

  1. How much time and effort does it take to maintain a contact list of one hundred inmates across ten facilities, their housing information, and release status?

  2. How much time does it take to print a 5-page document, put each in the individual envelope, apply postage, package, and go to the post office to send them, and do we know how much time and money we lose when tracking rejects and resending? The list goes on. All these action items take time and continue to drain time and resources.

We thought of that, and more because we do the same as you do but on a very different scale and with efficiency. Primarily because we cater to a wide variety of customers while managing thousands of transactions daily. And now, you can take advantage of what we have invented, the TextBehind DOCS system.

Go ahead and send an order. See for yourself. If you have any questions about the service, please visit the HELP CENTER, or contact us today.