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Document Management System For Mass Communications

Topic 1: What is TextBehind DMS service and who it is intended for


As a contracted inmate mail management service provider, TextBehind is primarily responsible for handling regular inmate mail such as letters from the family and friends. However, we certainly understand that other materials such as educational and inspirational content are also very important for the inmates and their well-being. That is exactly why we have been processing all such materials for many different organizations at no charge until we developed a system to streamline the process for better efficiency for ALL parties involved. This includes the senders, TextBehind staff and the correctional facility operators who are required to review and approve the recipients and the contents they can receive.

Therefore, TextBehind has launched a new system called “DMS” (Document Management System) to achieve a higher level of process efficiency for the correctional facilities and to save organizations time and hassle, resulting in significant cost savings over time.

TextBehind DMS (Document Management System) is a Mass Communication Content (MCC) processing system that makes it easier to process a large volume of religious, inspirational, and educational content intended for an individual or any group of incarcerated individuals in any correctional facility nationwide. 


The DMS is primarily intended for any organization that sends the aforementioned MCCs to an individual or a group of incarcerated individuals in any correctional facility nationwide. 

If you are a family or friend of an inmate and would like to send a set of documents to an inmate, the same process will apply.  


Please note that the following content types are supported by DMS process if sent to TextBehind by email in PDF, JPG, PNG or other acceptable formats:

  1. Educational and inspirational content that inmate(s) have subscribed to
  2. Test scores, exam content, or academic syllabus 
  3. The general information that you believe is critical for the inmate's education and well being


Please note that the following content types are NOT supported by DMS process:
  1. Hardcover, paperback, or traditional books, booklets, and magazines that cannot be scanned and reprinted
  2. Advertising junk mail, glossy brochures, hardcover cards with glitter or eroding elements, popup 3D cards and materials other than paper. 
  3. Any type of service solicitation / business advertising


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