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Pricing and credits

For this section, please go to: (website) or HOME screen of TextBehind mobile app

What is a credit:

One credit (think of stamp for example) is equal to sending ONE standard transaction such as a Text Message or a TextCard. If you are adding more contents to a standard transaction such as additional photos or text, additional credits will be used.

Where to find Pricing:

Service pricing for all CONTRACTED facilities is provided in ORANGE boxes and for NON-CONTRACTED facilities in BLUE boxes on the home screens. Click here for website home screen to see prices. If you're using mobile app, please click on the MAIN MENU icon in the top left corner of your screen and select "HOME".

Discount Deals:

We also made several discount deals available for all types of facilities under SPECIAL SAVINGS section that can be found at We recommend that you should add your loved one(s) as contacts before purchasing any of the discount deals. This way the system will be able to show you only the applicable deals to prevent incorrect purchases that later may need to be refunded or converted. 

Buy More, Pay Less Over Time Per Credit:
The average cost per credit is as low as about 60 cents based on which discount deal you might purchase.
Larger packages carry bigger discounts. 

What if you are no longer able to use your credits on the account:

If you purchased an incorrect deal type and credits do not show up in your account as expected OR if your loved one has been transferred to a different facility and your credits balance is no longer usable, there's no need to be worried. We are here to help. Please send us an email using the feedback form below or from the CONTACT US page and we will convert your applicable credits to the correct type. 

Paying for individual transaction:

You may be required to pay for each transaction individually if the discount deals are not available or if you do not have sufficient credits in your account. This model typically applies when the inmate you're creating the letter for is NOT located in any of our contracted facilities. 


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