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Pricing, credits and payments

The pricing information for all services and products (for contracted and non-contracted facilities) is provided on the main website home page as well as the home screen of the TextBehind® mobile app. Please scroll down until you see pricing information on either home screens.

Paying for individual transactions using credit / debit card:

You may be required to pay for each transaction individually if the discount deals are not available. This model typically applies when the inmate you're creating letter for is NOT at any of our contracted facilities. In this case TextBehind will send your letters using standard postal service. Such letters are generally delivered within 2-4 business days or as specified in the email receipt you'd receive. 

Service pricing for all contracted facilities is provided in ORANGE boxes and for non-contracted facilities in BLUE boxes on the home screens. Click here for home screen to see prices.

Paying for using credits:

If your loved one is located at any of our contracted facilities, generally your overall pricing may be cheaper with faster shipping and delivery. In case you will always pay in credits that can be purchased by credit/debit card at any time. Please read HELP TOPIC 3.1) Special Savings & Deal Packages 

What if you are no longer able to use your credits on the account:

If your loved one has been transfered to a location that is not our contracted facility and your credits balance is no longer usable, don't worry. Simply send an email to TextBehind using CONTACT US page and we will convert your available applicable credits to dollar amount and put money in your TextBehind account. There's no service charge for this conversion. 

Original discount and any free credits will not be converted to dollar amount. 


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