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Is my personal and financial information safe with TextBehind®?

The safety of your personal and financial information takes top priority at TextBehind®.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: This includes your name, email address, phone number and mailing address.

TextBehind® service does not share your personal information with any 3rd party under any circumstances unless required by law following a justifiable legal procedure.

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: This includes your payment method information such as PayPal credentials, credit/debit card numbers, prepaid card numbers and checking account numbers.

In order to process your payments in a secure manner, TextBehind® has integrated secure APIs directly from our financial partners. TextBehind® does not store or retain any sensitive financial data within TextBehind® database or on any of our secure web servers. For additional questions regarding the privacy of your personal and financial data, we encourage you to visit vendor websites such as PayPal®, Amazon and BluePay to learn more.

TextBehind® utilizes industry’s top-level security practices including PCI compliance for all other standard functions and processing across our system. Please visit TextBehind® website to learn more about our privacy policy, disclaimer and terms of service.

For additional questions and general inquiries, please go to Contact Us section.

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