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The Basics

How to get started with TextBehind®

OPTION 1: Using TextBehind main website:

Using a desktop or laptop computer, please go to main website to create your account first.

 - For better service exprerience, if you're using Microsoft Windows PC, please download Google Chrome browser.

 - If you're using Apple iMac or MacBook, please use Safari or Google Chrome browser.

OPTION 2: Using TextBehind smartphone mobile app

Please go to your applicable App Store and download actual TextBehind® mobile app for your Android or Apple iPhone smartphone. TextBehind app is compatible with all smartphones using operating system as old as Android 5 (2014) and iOS 4.2 (2010). 

We do not recommend using main website on your smartphone since mobile device browser limitations may not allow you to experience every TextBehind® function as intended.

1) Register for a new account.
Please see 1.1) New account registration and account activation 

2) Add a contact to communicate with.
Please see 4.2) How to add an inmate to your account

3) Creating your first Text Message / letter
Please see 5.2) Creating a communication transaction is easy as 1. 2. 3. and 5.3) Submitting a communication transaction 

It is not required for you to buy credits before you create your letter, however if that’s how you prefer, please see HELP TOPIC 3.1) Special Savings & Deal Packages to learn more about how to add credits to your account.


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