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How to avoid mail rejection

It is important to understand that every correctional institution is regulated by certain set of internal rules that are subject to change at any time without notice. The rules related to inmate mail apply regardless of how you send the letter, either a physical letter that you sent via postal mail or through TextBehind. There are no exceptions to the rule that we know of.  

All non-privileged inmate mail (general mail from family and friends) is subject to review and approval by the prison mailroom staff before it is given to the inmate. TextBehind® Service cannot deliver any letter to the inmates directly. 

Delivery of your letter to the inmate depends on courier and then the prison mailroom staff. TextBehind® Service does not control or influence postal service or prison mailroom staff in their standard process and timeframe. However, we strongly recommend that you should NOT create or add any contents to your letter that may contain any of the following elements:

These lists are updated over time as we learn more types of unacceptable contents:

  1. Nudity / Sexually explicit photos.
  2. Showing weapons in photos.
  3. SRG - gang related signs, hand gestures or symbols. 
  4. Threats and violence related content.
  5. Substance abuse, alcohol or smoking.
  6. Illegal activities.
  7. Stacks of cash.
  8. Text contents containing threats, gang affiliation, illegal activity or credit card numbers.
  9. Photos of inside of a prison, building plans or route plans
  10. Newspaper articles, book chapters, coloring book pages or sudoku puzzles
  11. Betting or sports charts
Additional content types may be considered otherwise depending on institution's rules. 

Additional reasons why your letter may be rejected or delayed:
  1. If the institution is accepting basic 6" x 4" postcards and rejects all standard mail.
  2. If the institution is accepting electronic email messages to the kiosks and tablets only.
  3. If the institution is under lock down.
  4. If your loved one is under disciplinary segregation.
  5. If your loved one is not permitted to receive mail from you or for any other reason.
  6. If your loved one was temporarily out of the facility at the time of mail distribution.
  7. If your inmate is no longer in custody at that institution where mail was originally sent to.
  8. USPS lost the letter during transit.
  9. Prison institution's staff misplaced letter after receiving it.


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