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All help topics and sub topics are numbered like bullet points. Our customer support personnel may give you a reference to read partcular topic or sub topic(s) to answer most common questions if the answers are already provided here.

Please also note that TextBehind® customer support is provided using our Contact Us and feedback forms located at the end of every HELP TOPIC for your convenience. Please scroll down on this page to see one of the feedback form for example. Typically, a response to your inquiry is provided on the same day.

Introduction to TextBehind® and how it works:

TextBehind® is a compassion-based communication service that works as a convenient bridge between families, friends and their incarcerated loved ones. Using TextBehind® website and/or smartphone mobile app, you can create a FREE account, easily add incarcerated loved one(s) and begin creating your letters for your incarcerated loved ones electronically and add photos too. We take care of the rest for you by sending your letters to the correctional facility institution selected for the inmate in your contact list. Carrier delivers letters to the prison mailroom staff only. After which point their staff take over the process and distribute mail to the inmates internally. TextBehind cannot deliver mail to the inmate directly. 

If an inmate send reply letter(s) to TextBehiind in your name, we will process and deliver it to your TextBehind® account within 24 hours (Monday through Friday) electronically at no extra cost to you or your incarcerated loved ones. Inmates do however will require a stamp to send out the letter out using Portal Service. 

TextBehind® website and smartphone app:

Whether you are using main website on your desktop/laptop computer OR TextBehind® mobile app for your Android or iPhone smartphone, the process and its steps are the same. Meaning by, the answers and guidelines provided in HELP TOPICS will apply to both website and mobile app users.


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