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About TextBehind® service and how it works

TextBehind® service enables you to communicate with an incarcerated individual located in any U.S. based prison conveniently and frequently. TextBehind® can send your communications to any Federal, State, County and Juvenile correctional facilities where standard inmate mail is accepted by United States Postal Service.

Whether you are a family member, friend, social worker or a pen pal, TextBehind® technology makes it convenient to locate and add any inmate to your account and begin communicating. All your electronic communications are transformed in to high-quality prints and mailed to the correctional institutions using USPS® within 24-hours of your transaction.

TextBehind® service does not deliver or guarantee the delivery of any transaction directly to the inmate because all correctional institutions are regulated by their own internal rules and regulations that we cannot interfere with.

Only the mailroom staff of the respective correctional institution controls the actual delivery of your communication to the inmate.

Every letter sent to the correctional institution by TextBehind® contains easy to follow REPLY INSTRUCTIONS and TextBehind® reply address. Therefore in response to your communication, an inmate can write a reply letter on any standard paper and mail it back to TextBehind®.

Once the inmate reply letter is received by TextBehind®, it is then digitized as ‘True Digital Copy’. Original physical letter is shredded for recycling.

The True Digital Copy is posted to your TextBehind® account in “All Conversations” section. You are then notified with an email (Global) and SMS (U.S. & Canada) that you have received a new reply letter.

Any services offered by TextBehind® are subject to change in terms of offering, prices and institutional policies.



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