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9 - Policies And Disclaimer

9.1 - Overview of various policies


Your privacy and data security for your personal and financial information is one of the top priorities at TextBehind®. We do not share your personal information with any 3rd party for any reason except for legal compliance where applicable.


Please visit for detailed information.

Canceling A Transaction OR Requesting Refund:
TextBehind® completes service by processing and shipping all your orders within 24 hours Monday through Friday. If the status of your order is still "Processing", the order can be canceled and refunded upon request. If the status of the order has changed to “Processed”, the transaction will become irreversible and therefore, nonrefundable. TextBehind is not responsible for undelivered letters due to any reasons other than our technology or processing error. We do not regulate the courier transit process or the prison's internal processes for mail review, approval, and distribution. 


All discount deals such as SPECIAL SAVINGS or packaged purchases are a combination of TWO types of credits:

     1) BASE CREDITS (refundable and convertible)
     2) DISCOUNT CREDITS or ADD-ONs. (These credits are non-refundable because they are added to a discount deal as a value-added component. These credits can be used as is but they cannot be converted. During the credits conversion process, these credits are voided)

When you purchase a discount deal and create transactions, the BASE CREDITS are used first. This means that if you had purchased a discount deal with 15 credits and it was a combination of 10 BASE credits and 5 ADD-ON credits, the remaining 5 ADD-ON credits will not be refundable or convertible after you've used the first 10 credits for any transactions. They can still be used by the same customer for the same type of facility. However, at the time of conversion or refund process, these remaining credits will be voided. 

Remaining Credits Balance Claim:
In case of inmate transfer to a correctional institution where your existing credits cannot be used as-is, you can request TextBehind to assess your remaining BASE credits to be converted with applicable values. The value of applicable BASE credits can also be refunded to your original payment method used such as a valid and active credit card or debit card based on the following terms:
  1. A refund cannot be processed using any other method besides the payment method used to make the original transaction. If you no longer have the original payment method (credit/debit card) available, or it has been canceled, or deactivated, please notify TextBehind staff to see further advice. 
  2. Only the BASE CREDITS can be converted or refunded.
  3. A refund transaction reversal charge of $2.50 will be deducted to pay for applicable fees.
  4. The value of your refundable credits must be GREATER than the applicable transaction reversal charge.
  5. The refund must be claimed within 90 days of the original purchase date. Beyond such a time frame, the refund amount will be forfeit.


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