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TOPIC 8: Sending Hand-Written Letters Through TextBehind®

8.2) Types of un-acceptable mail contents

Non-Privileged Mail Policy (General mail from family and friends):

TextBehind processes certain physical mailings on behalf of the correctional facilities by following the standard operarting procedures approved by the prison(s). The following types of contents will cause your mailing to be rejected altogether:

  1. Books, magazines and newspapers
  2. 3rd party advertisement and solicitation materials
  3. Calendars, cross-word puzzles, word/number puzzles, tattoo templates and uncolored coloring pages
  4. Money orders, cash currency, payment checks and IRS checks
  5. Passports, social security cards, credit/debit cards, prepaid cards and original birth certificates. Only copies of these items will be acceptable.
  6. Postage stamps, stationery paper, blank envelopes and pre-stamped envelopes
  7. Booklets, pamphlets, brochures and stickers
  8. Internet articles of any kind, case studies, book chapters or magazine articles
  9. Pieces of fabric of any kind, banners and large posters
  10. Hardware of any type, metallic items, musical cards, popup greeting cards, electronic devices or components, packages, boxes, popup greeting cards that are not scannable into an image using standard process.
  11. Mail containing prescription or non-prescription drugs. Any illegal or suspicious drugs received in the mail will be separated. TextBehind will notify local police to take possession of the substance and notify correctional facility with photographs of the letter and suspicious substance(s).
  12. Oversized envelopes that are not scannable and envelopes that are not properly addressed to be returned to the sender. All envelopes much have inmate first and last name, inmate ID number and correctional facility address.

Privileged Mail Policy (Legal mail from an attorney):

TextBehind does not accept or process legal mail for the inmates. All legal mail, case files, suporting documents and court documents must be sent to the applicable prison facility directly by an attorney. Such mailings must be clearly marked as legal mail by the attorney. 

Please note that some prisons may also require the attorney to be on their approved lawyers list before their mail could be accepted as such. Please call applicable prison to learn more about their legal mail specific policies before sending any mail to TextBehind. 


8.1) TextBehind® mailing address for the applicable correctional facility


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