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TOPIC 6: Mail Delivery to the Inmates (Outgoing Mail)

6.5) How do I know if my loved one received my letter

Every letter or communication goes through TWO steps before it reaches the inmate inside a correctional facility:

STEP 1) Delivery of mail to the correctional facility's authorized staff which is generally their mailroom staff: 

TextBehind, just like any other service can only deliver letters to the correctional facility's staff in the mailroom via a courier such as USPS or FedEx for example. That is the extent of TextBehind service delivery and its completion. This delivery is guaranteed for our contracted facilities only. 

STEP 2) Mail content review, approval and distribution to the inmate(s) inside the correctional facility: 

This step is entirely outside the control of any person, entity and company outside the prison such as TextBehind. Every mail has to pass through the rules and regulations enforced at the applicable correctional facility by an authorized correctional facility staff member. Only after their internal approval, the mail can be distributed to the inmate(s).

TextBehind or any other outside company cannot know the status of any internal mail distribution process or its status. Therefore such status information is not available for us to convey to you. 

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