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TOPIC 6: Mail Delivery to the Inmates (Outgoing Mail)

6.4) How long does it take for inmate to receive letters

Please note that TextBehind letters are always delivered to the correctional facility mailroom where mandatory review and inspection process must be performed by the correctional facility staff. Only then any communication can be distributed to the inmates by the correctional facility staff internally. TextBehind cannot provide status update on letter delivery beyond prison mailroom. 


For inmates located at our contracted facilities, it's generally the next business day delivery to the correctional institution mailrooms (Overnight Shipping).


Using standard shipping method, it generally takes 2-3 business days for a letter to arrive at the correctional facility mailroom.

Delivery time for each transaction is specified in email receipt that is sent to your email address on file once you submit a transaction with TextBehind.

TextBehind ships all letters regardless of their type every 24 hours during regular business hours. If you would like your letter to be shipped on the same day, please submit your transaction no later than 9:00 am EST. TextBehind and correctional facility mailrooms do not operate on weekends (Saturday / Sunday) and therefore you must factor in those extra two days when expecting mail delivery. 


6.1) Mail delivery process explained

6.2) Shipping and delivery of letters to your incarcerated loved ones

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