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6 - Mail Delivery

6.3 - How do I know if my loved one received my letter

For this section, please go to:
My Account >> Order status and transaction history


For our contracted facilities, when you create a letter transaction, it is actually delivered to the prison staff electronically and instantly from our end. The prison staff then reviews and prints the letter contents for the inmate. At that point, the status of the letter changes from "PROCESSING" to "PROCESSED".

All approved and processed letters are delivered to the inmates by the prison staff internally Monday through Friday during regular business hours, typically 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. 

Only the prison staff can distribute the mail to the inmates. TextBehind cannot know any more details about your letter delivery beyond the change of transaction status as mentioned above.  


For all other facilities nationwide where TextBehind ships your letters using USPS First-Class Mail, our information about the status of your letter delivery is extremely limited. Once the letters are printed and shipped by us, the status of your transaction will also change to PROCESSED. The service by TextBehind is complete at this point.

The estimated shipping time is provided in the email receipt you receive by TextBehind when your letter is shipped by us. It is typically up to 4 business days, however, it is not a guaranteed time frame.  



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