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TOPIC 6: Mail Delivery to the Inmates (Outgoing Mail)

6.3) Mail rejection and what to do

TextBehind® does not approve or reject any mail or its contents unless such guidelines are required by our contract with the applicable correctional facility. All such decisions are primarily made or enforced by the correctional facility administration. Your mail may be rejected for one of the following reasons:

Mail can be rejected with or without notice to TextBehind® as well as you, the original sender. TextBehind fees are primary for shipping your mail and therefore mail rejection by the facility does not warrant any claim for a refund. 

1) Inappropriate content:
Almost all facilities will likely reject any letter containing content related to pornography, nudity, salaciousness, threats, abuse, weapons, narcotics and alcohol. TextBehind® recommends NOT to send such contents in your letters to risk rejection, wastage of time and money.

2) Too many photos in a single letter:
Some institutions may limit the number of photographs they may accept per inmate per day. It is always a good idea to review current mailing policy of the institution using either visiting their website or calling them to ask if they have such limitations.

3) Incorrect inmate information or special circumstances:
Often times when an inmate is incarcerated, they’re assigned a temporary number that will be replaced by permanent number very soon. (also known as DOC ID, pouch number, permanent number or subject number). It is always recommended to use/update inmate’s information with permanent number as soon as it becomes available. TextBehind® will not be responsible if your mail is rejected because of incorrect inmate's profile information. Please update the inmate's information before sending subsequent letters. 

If the inmate was transferred or released before your letter reached the institution, it will be rejected. If the inmate is under any disciplinary segregation or isolation, their mail may be delayed or denied with or without notice.

If or when TextBehind® receives any information (rejected letter or notice) from the prison, we always send it to your account to notify you. At that point you can address the mail rejection reason(s), and create a new letter.


5.7) What NOT to send in your letters to avoid mail rejection

8.2) Types of un-acceptable mail contents


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