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TOPIC 6: Mail Delivery to the Inmates (Outgoing Mail)

6.2) Shipping and delivery of letters to your incarcerated loved ones

TextBehind® is constantly improving its methods of letter shipping and delivery to the correctiona linstitutions.

We ship out every letter within 24 hours of ordering Monday through Friday. Orders created on weekend are shipped on Monday. 

Depending on our contract with the correctional facility, TextBehind® may ship your letter(s) in any of the following ways and you can see the method used in your email receipts:

1) USPS® First-Class mail:
After TextBehind shipping, the delivery of letter(s) is performed by postal service in 2 to 4 business days depending on where the correctional facility is located nationwide. 

2) Next Day delivery:
After TextBehind shipping, the next day delivery of letter(s) is performed by postal service on the following business day.

3) Electronic delivery using Kiosks and Tablets:
Where applicable, your letter can be made available to the inmate via kiosk and tablets they may have access to, after the letter contents have been reviewed and approved by the correctional facility staff.

Some correctional facilities require receiving their inmate letters using 3rd party vendor(s) for additional processing. In such case additional delays are expected and are not controlled by us. 


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