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6 - Mail Delivery

6.1 - Shipping and delivery of letters

TextBehind Service - Letter Printing and Shipping Only:

TextBehind® completes service by processing and shipping all your orders within 24 hours Monday through Friday by 11:00 AM EST. Any leftover orders from one day are taken care of on the following business day. Weekend orders are processed on Monday.

However, we do not and cannot control any aspect of the 3rd party mail delivery process as described below: 

3rd Party Process - Letter Delivery:

STEP 1) Postal Services - Letter Delivery to the Prison Facility:
Letters are delivered to the prison facility by couriers (USPS or FedEx). Depending on our contract with the correctional facility, the estimated time is provided in your email receipt. However, the timeframe estimates are not guaranteed by TextBehind. Any number of factors can delay the transmittal of mail.

STEP 2) Prison Mailroom Staff - Letter Delivery to the Inmate(s):
Every mail when delivered to the prison facility is opened and reviewed by their authorized staff. Your letter will be given to the inmate if the contents of your letter are approved by the prison staff.

Depending on our mail management contract with the correctional facility, TextBehind® transmits your letter(s) to the destination prison facility in one of the following ways:

CONTRACTED FACILITIES (Inmate profile will appear in ORANGE):

When you submit an order for an inmate that is located in one of our contracted facilities by 10:00 AM Monday through Friday, your letter is made available to the prison staff for their review instantly. They review all letters. Upon approval, they print all mail inside the prison and distribute it to the applicable inmate(s) on the same day. 

Some contracted facilities may have certain contractual limitations which may cause your mail to be delivered to the inmate after 1-3 days.  

NON-CONTRACTED FACILITIES (Inmate profile will appear in BLUE):

TextBehind can send your letters to any institution nationwide where conventional USPS or FedEx mail is accepted. 

USPS® First-Class Shipping:
After TextBehind shipping within 24 hours of your order Monday through Friday, the delivery of letter(s) is performed by the U.S. Postal Service in approximately 2 to 4 business days depending on where the correctional facility is located in the United States. This estimate is based on general understanding and it is not guaranteed by TextBehind.

Some correctional facilities may require all their inmate mail to be shipped to their 3rd party mail management contractor for additional processing before the mail is delivered to the actual correctional institution by their contracted vendor. In such cases, additional or unexpected delays can be expected but they are not controlled by TextBehind.


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