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TOPIC 5: Creating and Sending Letters to the Incarcerated Loved One(s)

5.4) How do inmates reply and how or when will I receive their letter

How do inmates reply through TextBehind service:

Every TextBehind letter contains all the necessary information for the inmate's convenience and education. For example, "how to reply to this letter". Inmates mail their reply letter to TextBehind using the address that is also shown on every letter. TextBehind does not charge you or inmates for processing any number of reply letter(s) sent by an inmate. They do however will need a standard stamp for postal service to mail out their letter(s). 

The inmates must use the following address format:

3312 Paper Mill Road #205

Therefore, an example of correct address format on the envelope can be:

  FROM ADDRESS     (From Prison / Inmate)   Front side of the envelope
  John Smith # 123456
    TO ADDRESS        (To TextBehind Customer)
    Kelly Smith - #5261234
3312 Paper Mill Road, #205
Phoenix, MD 21131

TextBehind cannot advise on when an inmate will send a reply letter in your name. Responding to any letter is inmate's personal choice that we do not control. 

How or when will I receive a letter sent by my incarcerated loved one:

All inmates like any other independent indiviuals reply to any communication on their own accord. TextBehind does not and cannot make anyone reply to a correspondence. We only can process inmate reply letter when we receive it at our processing facility.

After an inmate reply letter has arrived at the TextBehind® production center, it is digitized as TDC (True Digital Copy) and posted to your TextBehind® account under “All Conversations” section (sorted by each inmate contact name) within one business day. You will be notified by email and/or text message depending on your location. You can then either log into TextBehind® website to launch smartphone app to view the reply letter in the original handwriting of your loved one. 

Receiving letter from an inmate who is not in your contact list:

From time to time it is possible that you may receive a letter in your name from an inmate that you do not know OR they're not added to your contact list in TextBehind account. In such cases, we will send their letter to your email address on file as attachment just to make you aware of the incoming communication. After that, it is entirely your personal decision if you want to add such inmate to your contact list and communicate through standard TextBehind® system.


Only you can add an inmate to your TextBehind account by creating a request yourself by going to MANAGE CONTACTS section. TextBehind® will never add any inmate to your contact list without your knowledge and permission. 


4.2) How to add an inmate to your account


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