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5 - Creating Letters Electronically

5.3 - Inmate reply letters

How do I receive inmate reply letter(s) through TextBehind:

First, every TextBehind letter that an inmate receives contains a reply address and instructions for the inmate to write back. Currently, all the inmate reply letters come to TextBehind as hand-written physical letters that we open, scan all contents, and upload high-quality images of the letter to your TextBehind account within 24 hours Monday through Friday. You will receive a text and email alert to notify you instantly as the letter is uploaded to your account. 

TextBehind does not charge any processing fee to you or the inmates for any number of reply letters that we process for you.

An inmate will need a standard stamp for the postal service to mail out their letters whether they are sending letters to TextBehind in your name or to any other address they put on the envelope. 

The inmate must use the following address format if they want their letters to come to TextBehind in your name:

Customer Name – Customer Number (This is your name on TextBehind account and your customer number)
P.O. Box 310
Phoenix, MD 21131

Therefore, an example of the correct address format on the envelope will be as follows:
  John Smith # 123456
Correctional Facility Name
    Kelly Smith - 5261234-IR
P.O Box 310
Phoenix, MD 21131

TextBehind cannot advise on when an inmate will send a reply letter in your name. Responding to any letter is the inmate's personal choice that we do not control. 

How do I access the inmate reply letter in TextBehind:

Using TextBehind Mobile App:

1) Launch TextBehind mobile app.
2) Go to MAIN MENU in the top left corner to slide-open the main menu, and then select My Conversations.
3) Select the inmate's profile and click OPEN to see the letter in your conversation history with the inmate.

Using website:

1) Go to website using any computer and login.
2) Go to MANAGE CONTACTS from the main menu up top (orange bar) and click on the "view contact details" for the applicable inmate.
3) Click on the "view past conversation" link to see inmate reply letter images.

Receiving a letter from an inmate who is not on your contact list:

From time to time, you may receive a letter in your name from an inmate that you do not know OR they're not added to your contact list in the TextBehind account. In such cases, we will send their letter images to your email address on file as an attachment just to make you aware of the incoming communication. After that, it is entirely your personal decision if you want to add such an inmate to your TextBehind contact list and communicate through the standard TextBehind® system. 


TextBehind does not force or solicit any inmate to write back in response to your letters any sooner than they naturally would like any independent individual. It is their personal choice when to write and where to send their letters. 


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