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TOPIC 5: Creating and Sending Letters to the Incarcerated Loved One(s)

5.3) Submitting a communication transaction

After you have completed drafting your letter and uploading photos, please click on SUBMIT MY ORDER blue button to proceed. The system will show you a disclaimer notice that contains the most common inmate communication rules that we recommend you should read and abide by. If you accept the terms, please click I AGREE to proceed to the payment screen.

If you already have purchased credits in your TextBehind account, the system will show you payment box to pay for your transaction. At this point you select applicable account balance such as credits or cash balance and finish submitting your transaction. 

If you do not have sufficient credits or cash balance in your TextBehind account, the system will show you an option to use your preferred credit / debit card. Click that option and then from the drop down menu, select either previously used credit card or ADD NEW, click NEXT. The system will now show you applicable options to proceed. Please enter card details to complete payment and to finish submitting your order.


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