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5 - Creating Letters Electronically

5.2 - How to create letters and add photos online

For this section, please go to:
MAIN MENU >> Text Message


Before you can create your first letter with TextBehind, you must be logged into your account and have at least one contact added. Login help is provided here: To learn how to add an inmate contact, please go to

If you do not already have an account with TextBehind, please go to to learn about registering a new account. 

Lastly, whether you create a Text Message, Photos, TextCards or Doodles4Kids transaction, the overall process steps for every transaction on both the website and the mobile app will be the same.  

STEP 1: Select a contact to begin:

First, you need to select a contact from the drop-down list for the system to show you the applicable page to create your letter.

If you have no added any contacts already, please go to (How to add an inmate) to learn how to add a contact first.  

STEP 2: Add a text message:

Type your text message in this box. Draft of your letter (text and photos) is generally saved automatically every minute, however, we recommend that you should click on the SAVE DRAFT button manually if you're typing a long letter.  

If the system and your device were able to properly save your draft, it will be available under the same transaction type and the same inmate. 

STEP 3: Add photos:

If you're using the website on a computer:

The system will show you an orange box, mouse over to see that orange box change to TWO buttons instantly:
A) The GREEN button allows you to access your TextBehind Photo Album to select any of the previously used photos that are still saved in our system. 
B) The BLUE button will allow you to browse and select any photo from your computer. Repeat this process until you finish uploading all photos you desire. 

If you're using the TextBehind app for your smartphone or tablet:

The system will show you THREE options to upload your photos using individual buttons:
A) From Camera Roll - (GREEN button):

This button will allow you to select photos from your phone's default photo gallery.

B) Take New Photo - (BLACK button):

This button will allow you to take new photos using your phone's camera. 

C) Reuse Past Photos - (Orange button):

This button will allow you to select any of the previously used photos that are still saved in our system. 

After you have completed composing your letter, please click on SUBMIT MY ORDER button to proceed to the terms and payment section.

The system will first show you a disclaimer notice that contains the most common rules we recommend that you should read and abide by. If you accept the terms, please click on I AGREE to proceed to the payment screen.

If you have already purchased credits, the system will show your available credits balance to pay from. Alternatively, payment by credit or debit card will also be displayed. In the case of credit cards, you will not only be able to select a saved credit card but can also use a new one if need be. Please enter card details to complete payment and to finish submitting your order.

If the payment through your credit card is successful, the system will send an email notification to you as a confirmation receipt along with your letter shipping and delivery time estimate. 


For other transaction types such as Photos, TextCards, or Doodles4Kids, please follow the similar process as prompted by the system to complete your orders.


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