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TOPIC 5: Creating and Sending Letters to the Incarcerated Loved One(s)

5.2) Creating a communication transaction is easy as 1. 2. 3.

Whether you’re using TextBehind® website on a desktop/laptop computer or have downloaded TextBehind® mobile app for your smartphone such as Android and/or iPhone, the process steps for creating and sending a letter for your loved one(s) is the same.

Please go to MAIN MENU up top and click on Text Message, then follow these steps:

Please select your loved one from the dropdown list. Once a contact is selected, the page will display additional steps to creating your letter and adding photos.

Type your text message in this box.

Upload your photos.

Then, click on "Submit My Order" button to continue to payment section. 

1) You can add up to 5,000 characters or 35 lines of of text in each letter. The automatic character and line counter will show remaining quota as you type. Any text over the allowed quota will be truncated automatically. 

2) Drafts are automatically saved on the same device every 60 seconds. 


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