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5 - Creating Letters Electronically

5.1 - Product specification and scope

TextBehind® will continue to add new products and services to provide more choices for our valued customers. If you would like to suggest a new product type, please use the feedback form below to tell us about it. If your suggested product or service is selected, TextBehind will make sure to reward you for it.

Our current list of products include:

  1. Text Message: 

    A Text Message transaction can have up to 5,000 characters / 35 lines of text and up to 4 colored photos per letter.
    Please note that certain devices and the operating system software versions may not give an accurate character or line count every time. Up to +/- 5% variation is expected. However, we are making frequent efforts towards producing a more accurate count as our process is improving.  

    Additional Photos Support:
    If additional photos are supported, the option will become available as you continue to add more photos.

    Most correctional facilities around the country accept photos no larger than 6" x 4" in size. TextBehind prints up to 4 photos on the same sheet of paper on the backside of the letter. Each photo is 5.6" x 3.8". Even though photos are not printed on photographic paper, the high-resolution industrial grade laser printing on super bright paper gives TextBehind letters an impressive visual quality that is appreciated by customers, inmates, and correctional officers alike. There are also no creases on photos even when a letter is bi-folded or quad-folded evenly. 
  2. Photos:

    This product was designed to give our customers the flexibility of adding more photos per transaction for less. Up to 4 and 12 photos are included in default transactions for contracted and non-contracted facilities respectively.  

    Additional Photos Support:
    If additional photos are supported, the option will become available as you continue to add more photos.

    This product is primarily intended for Photos only. If you need to add a text content to your Photos transaction, you can certainly do that for an additional cost/credit. The shopping cart will display the extra cost/credit for each component accordingly for you to understand the billing aspect before you submit the order. 

  3. TextCards (Greeting cards):

    This is product simulates a conventional greeting card when folded in half. This transaction includes ONE (1) theme cover image that you can select to make a TextBehind a Christmas card or for a Birthday, up to 4 colored personal photos, and text message with up to 1,500 characters.
    Additional Photos Support:
    If additional photos are supported, the option will become available as you continue to add more photos.

  4. Doodles4Kids (Drawings from your children):

    This product is intended to be used by your children under your supervision if they need help on how to use the tool. They can create free-hand and shapes to create artwork online using the TextBehind website or mobile app. These drawings are printed in high quality on a full 8.5" x 11" page. Additional drawings are supported in the same transaction for an additional cost per drawing.


TextBehind is a convenient bridge between family, friends, and their incarcerated loved ones. Our system enables you to create communications using products specified on this page in a more convenient manner rather than to hand-write your letters and drive to the post office to mail out physical letters. We either print/ship your communications to the prisons nationwide OR, enable correctional facility staff to print your letters and distribute them to the inmates. The fee you pay to TextBehind is to process your letters within the scope of our service. Beyond this scope, we must defer to the mandatory process followed by the courier and prison staff. 

After our shipping, the delivery of your letters to the prison facility is the responsibility of the United States Postal Service. TextBehind is not responsible for lost mail due to USPS transit issues or delays caused by weekends, holidays, or other factors that may cause delay of your letter delivery within an expected timeframe in your email receipts. 

Communication (written or otherwise) cannot be given to the inmate before it is reviewed and approved by the prison staff. This is a standard process in all prisons. TextBehind does not and cannot (by law) interfere or circumvent this review process under any circumstances. Your letter can be delayed, withheld, rejected (in part or in full) by the prison staff based on the rules and regulations they must follow at their end. 


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