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TOPIC 5: Creating and Sending Letters to the Incarcerated Loved One(s)

5.1) List of products and their specification

TextBehind® will continue to add new products to provide choices for our valued customers. If you would like to suggest a new product type, please use the form below to tell us about it. If your suggested product is selected, TextBehind will make sure to not only credit you for your great ideas but also to provide your value in shape of discounts and other benefits. Our current list of products include:

  1. Text Message (Standad letter with text and photos)
    Text message can have up to 5,000 characters or up to 35 lines of text and up to 4 colored photos.
    If additional photos are supported, the options will become available as you add more photos. Each photo is just a fraction smaller than 4x6 inch as a safety margin to prevent any unintentionally cut off. Please note that standard size limit by almost all correctional facilities nationwide is 4x6 in. 
  2. Photos
    Using this product you can send more photos with discounted price per photo. Additional text is supported.
  3. TextCard®
    Greeting card with 1 theme image, up to 4 colored personal photos and text message with up to 1,500 characters. 
    If additional photos are supported, the uploading options will be available as you add photos.
  4. Doodles4Kids
    Kids can draw online using TextBehind website as well as mobile app. This is a full page of drawing printed on 8.5 x 11 inch page. Additional drawings are supported in the same transaction.


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