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Category 5 - Managing Contacts & Adding An Inmate Contact

4.2) How to add or update an inmate to your account


If you already have an inmate in your account, clicking on MANAGE CONTACTS link from the main menu will bring you to the contacts list page. If you need to update an inmate, please click on VIEW DETAILS and then click on REQUEST CHANGE OF INFORMATION link. Provide all new infomation about the inmate by following the process. This will send TextBehind your request for review and updating the record.  


Please click on MANAGE CONTACTS from the MAIN MENU to access the options to add an inmate to your account. TextBehind® system offers the following 3 OPTIONS to add an inmate. 

Option 1: Search within TextBehind system:

You should always first try to search for your loved one in TextBehind system using OPTION 1 by entering inmate ID or name. If you do not find their name appear in the search results, then use other options shown below. 

Option 2: Add Contact Details Yourself:

If you are certain that the information you have in hand about your loved one's location is accurate and updated, please use this option to select the state, institution and add inmate name and ID information. We will review and approve within 24 hours. Alternatively we will send you email as to why your loved one could not be approved or added. We generally complete our review process within 24 hours. If you are not sure about the accuracy of the information, don’t worry, we are here to help you find your loved one and that's where option 3 comes in as shown below.

Option 3: Request Help (if you are not sure or don't have all the information): 

Use this option if you know only partial information about your loved one and even that may not be accurate. Simply provide any information that you know and leave the rest on us to figure out. This is where our staff will try to find all the required information about your loved one for you. Once found, we will add your loved one to your contacts automatically and you will receive email notification as well. Alternatively, we will email to communicate other options with you accordingly.

After you’ve submitted the request to add your loved one to your contact list, please allow TextBehind® staff to review your request to make sure that the information you provided is accurate according to the corresponding correctional facility database. This is our due diligence process as we try to make sure that your letters have the best chance to reach your loved one at the correct facility address.


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