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Category 5 - Managing Contacts & Adding An Inmate Contact

4.1) Communicate with any inmate in any correctional institution in the U.S.

TextBehind® system makes it very easy for you to add any number of inmates to your single account regardless of which type of institution they may be in. This includes all kind of institutions inside the United States including Hawaii such as Federal Prisons, State Institutions, County Jails, Detention Centers, Sherriff’s Offices, ICE detention centers, Juvenile facilities and halfway houses.

As you long as the correctional facility can accept US Mail and your loved is permitted to receive mail, we can send it there for you.


Although it is extremely rare, it is possible that acertain correctional facility may only permit basic 6x4" postcards or electronic emails only. In such cases TextBehind letters may be rejected. Please make sure to periodically check communication rules for the correctional facility you're sending letter(s) to. It is not possible for TextBehind to verify all communication policies or internal rules of nearly 9,000 institutions nationwide that may change at any time without notice.

TextBehind letters are designed to be compatible with almost all correctional facility types nationwide with a few exceptions as specified above. Therefore TextBehind will not be responsible for rejected mail due to such exceptions. 


8.1) TextBehind® mailing address for the applicable correctional facility
8.2) Types of un-acceptable mail contents


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