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3 - My Account

3.3 - Inmate contacts management and conversations

For this section, please go to:
MAIN MENU >> MANAGE CONTACTS >> View Contact Details

Add a New Contact:

To learn more about how to add a contact to your account to communicate with, please refer to the help topic below: 
How to add an inmate

Manage Contacts:

This section displays all your existing contacts linked to your account whether they are located in contracted (ORANGE) / non-contracted (BLUE) facilities or they are pending review (YELLOW). If any of your contact's status shows as inactive or released (DARK GREY), please notify us using CHANGE OF INFORMATION Request (see below) and we will try to rectify this issue for you.

From the contact profile bar (orange or blue), click on the View Contact Details button (or Show Details button on the app) next to each contact's name for additional options such as:

- View past conversations:

Click this option to access all your conversation history with the selected inmate.

- Change of information request:

Click this option to request a change of inmate’s profile information in case he/she has been transferred to another facility or marked as released by mistake.

- Delete contact:

Click this option if you’d like to DELETE this inmate contact as well as all related conversation history.
Please note that this action is NOT REVERSIBLE.

If you want to revive a previously deleted contact and conversation history, please send us a request from MANAGE CONTACTS >> ADD NEW CONTACT section. It is possible to revive all data as it was, however, TextBehind will not be responsible for any data loss during this revival process. 

Why my inmate is showing as released or inactive?

The majority of the inmate records are sent to our system directly from prison databases every day. It is also possible that your contact's status was marked as released due to data discrepancy, clerical or technical errors. There's nothing to worry about. If you believe that your loved one's status was changed in error, please use the same option to notify us and we will resolve it for you.  


If you are aware that your loved one may be in process of transferring to another facility within the next week or being released, please DO NOT send any letters until the transfer is complete. Correctional facilities generally do not forward inmate mail to the new facility.


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