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3 - My Account

3.2 - Order shipping status and transaction history

For this section, please go to:
MAIN MENU >> MY ACCOUNT >> Order Status and Transaction History

Any transaction that has not yet been processed will show its status as “PROCESSING” (Blue). Order cancelation option is available during this status.

The order status will change to “PROCESSED” (Green) if your transaction has been either shipped by TextBehind to its designated prison facility address or it has been printed by the correctional facility staff inside the prison. 

TextBehind service is deemed complete after the status of the transaction is changed to PROCESSED (Shipped/Delivered) as we complete our process within 24 hours Monday through Friday (except holidays). Any refund or cancellation option becomes unavailable with this change to the transaction status.

TextBehind is not responsible for undelivered letters due to USPS transit failure or if the letter was rejected by the prison staff.  However, if there’s any mistake made by TextBehind staff that prevented your mail from being delivered to the prison facility, we will resend it on your behalf at no extra charge to you.

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