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3 - My Account

3.1 - My account information

For this section, please go to:
MAIN MENU >> My Account

MY ACCOUNT page is designed to provide you with many account management controls in one convenient place as well as your general account information.

There are some key features you can use on this page:

1) Your account summary shows all available credits and cash balance. To add more credits, you can either create a new transaction, at the time of submitting the order, the system will provide you with credits purchase option. You can also go to SPECIAL SAVINGS section to purchase one of the discount packages and save money. 

2) You can change password and update other personal information as needed. To change information, simply click on CHANGE INFORMATION link to activate the information fields and then enter information. Once done, just click on SAVE CHANGES.

3) You can also remove any saved credit / debit cards on this page. 

4) Activate or Deactivate your account. Deactivating your account will only mute all notifications. If you need to reactivate your account, please login and follow the instructions shown by the system at that time.  

There are many other functions you can perform on MY ACCOUNT screen. Additional help on specific functions is provided across various help topics. Please go to HELP TOPICS home screen to browse.  


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