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Category 4 - Adding More Credits To Your Account

3.1) Special Savings & Deal Packages

Please go to MY ACCOUNT from the main menu and click on ADD MORE CREDITS WITH SPECIAL SAVINGS. This link will take you to one of the available packages to purchase credits that are offered at discounted price.

Please note that deals are made available to you depending on where your loved one is incarcerated. However, don’t worry, your account credits balance can be converted to applicable equal value if your loved one is transferred elsewhere. The conversion rate is applied based on standard rate and not discounted rate.

If your payment method (credit/debit) card is not being accepted, it is most likely because the information such as name of the card, card number, expiration date or security code that you may be entering is not the same as what your bank (card issuing bank) has on file. All transactions are approved or declined by the bank. TextBehind® does not and cannot make transaction approval decisions. If your card is being rejected repeatedly, please call your card issuing bank to seek additional help.


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