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TOPIC 2: Managing My Account

2.6) Account summary

All available account cash balance, store credit and purchased credits will show under account summary.

Using Credits and Account Cash Balance
Credits and account cash balance are used to pay for any communication products that you send to the correctional facilities. If the credit purchase option is not available to you, it simply means that credits are not offered for such correctional facility you’re loved one is located at. Alternatively, you can use a valid credit card, debit card or a valid prepaid card. You can pay after creating and submitting a transaction. You can save a payment method (valid credit/debit card) on file for convenient future payments.

If your incarcerated loved one has been transferred from a contracted facility to a non-contracted facility or other way around, TextBehind system will automatically CONVERT your available balance of credits and cash balance to equal value so that your balance can be used regardless of where your loved one is located.


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