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TOPIC 2: Managing My Account

2.3) Conversation history and inmate transfers

This button will take you to the conversations home page where you will first see your incarcerated loved ones by name. Click on View Contact Details next to each name for additional options such as:

  1. View past conversations
    Click this option to access all your conversation history with a particular inmate)
  2. Request change of information
    Click this option to request change of inmate’s information in case he/she has been transferred to another facility)
  3. Delete contact
    Click this option if you’d like to DELETE this inmate contact as well as all related conversation history. Please note that this action is NOT REVERSIBLE.)
Updating inmate's information upon transfer to another facility:

In additional to being released, inmates may be transfered to another facility from time to time. In case of transfer, please login, then go to MANAGE CONTACTS >> click on "view contact details" for the corresponding inmate and then click on "Request change of information" to provide new information. This will generate a request to TextBehind customer support staff. We will review new information to make sure it is accurate to avoid any letter rejections. 

TextBehind will not be responsible if your letter was rejected by a prison where your loved one is no longer located. To avoid rejection due to inmate being not in custody at the specified prison, please make sure to keep yourself updated on where your loved one is located. If you are aware that your loved one may be in process of transfer in the next few days, DO NOT send any letters until the transfer is complete. Correctional facilities generally do not transfer inmate mail to the new facility automatically. 

Inmates marked as released:
It is also possible that an inmate was marked by the correctional facility staff if your loved one was located at one of our contracted facilities. In that case, the "Request change of information" feature may not be available. However, you can always go to MANAGE CONTACTS and add the same inmate again with reference to the new facility he/she in. Your conversation history will remain in tact for your records. 

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