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TOPIC 2: Managing My Account

2.2) Order status and transaction history

Click on this button to view all your successful transactions. A new transaction that has not yet been processed by TextBehind will show status as “PROCESSING” (dark red) and after they have been shipped, the status will change to “PROCESSED” (dark green).

Please note that after mail delivery to the prison mailroom by USPS or FedEx, the prison staff take over the process. They begin inspection and then distribute mail to the inmates internally if approved. They may also reject mail with or without notice. We cannot know about delays that may occur inside the prison facility after mail delivery. If the inmate is under disciplinary segregation or is subject to other restrictions, it’s their internal matter that we cannot interfere with. That is why TextBehind does not and cannot guarantee delivery of any mail to the inmate. However, if there’s any mistake made by TextBehind staff that prevented your mail from being received, we will resend it on your behalf at no extra charge to you.


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