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11 - End-to-end Digital Mail System

11.2 - Digital mail pricing and payment method

The pricing for TextBehind Digital Mail varies based on our contractual obligations to the correctional facility, and other participating entities. In general, however, a text message or a photo cost vary between 0.25 cents to 0.50 cents per component. TextBehind is actively making efforts to reduce this cost even further in collaboration with participating entities and through innovation. 

A credit/debit card or your existing SPECIAL SAVINGS credits cannot be used for Digital Mail Messages at this time. You must utilize your Prepaid Account established for the applicable correctional institution where you're sending messages. TextBehind is in the process of offering additional buying options to our valued customers.

Paying for the Digital Mail Messages using Prepaid Account:

To pay for the digital mail messages, you must have a Prepaid Account setup with the Inmate Telephone Service Provider for the applicable correctional facility. You can pay this way automatically by providing your Username, Phone Number, and PIN associated with your Prepaid Account at the time of submitting your message transaction. 

How to Setup Prepaid Account with the Applicable Provider:

  • Inmate Calling Solutions (ICS):
    Please CLICK HERE to learn more about how to set up your Prepaid Account with ICS.


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