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10 - Document Management System For Mass Communications

10.6 - Sending content to TextBehind

1) How to request/send active inmate roster (Recipient List):

If you would like to request the most recent list of all inmates at a contracted facility, please send an email to TextBehind at with the name of the correctional facility and its state. If available, we will send this data to you within 24 hours. You can also send to us your list of inmates using the TextBehind Inmate Roster Template that you can download by clicking on this link:


  • Each roster must include inmates only from ONE correctional facility.
  • Please do not mix inmates from multiple correctional facilities in the same roster.
  • For inmates from multiple correctional facilities, you must send us one roster for each facility.

2) Sending Communication Content (Printable Documents):
  • If you are sending the same set of documents to a group of inmates in your recipient roster file, please send all such documents to in PDF, JPG, or PNG formats. You may ZIP all files together as well. There is no need to create a cover sheet for each inmate.

    Please DO NOT send Microsoft Word files.

  • If you are sending a set of documents that are customized for each inmate listed in the inmate recipient (roster file), please make sure that your electronic file(s) – the document set has a cover sheet that will allow TextBehind production staff to match each document set with the correct inmate.
  • All your printable documents MUST BE on standard letter size (8.5 in WIDE x 11 in TALL).
  • Your printable document(s) can include typed/printed/scanned documents as well as hand-written. Designs, drawings, and photos are also accepted. However, please make sure that the contents in your documents comfy with the mail acceptance policies enforced by the correctional facility. TextBehind will not be responsible if any or all of your documents are rejected due to mail policy violations. Please visit link to learn more about “How to avoid mail rejection”.

For any questions or further help with your order, please send an email to TextBehind at Our support staff responds to all inquiries within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. 

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