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10 - Document Management System For Mass Communications

10.5 - How is the DMS processing cost calculated

  1. When you send to us your desired inmate roster (regardless of its update status), TextBehind DMS will check it against the active inmates in our system to verify each recipients’ custody status. This resulting list of POSITIVE MATCH inmates may be different than your list because the active inmate population volume changes almost every day at any given facility.
  2. TextBehind will count the number of prints for your MCCs and the number of POSITIVE MATCHED inmates, the recipients.
    1. If your order is going to one of our contracted facilities with printers, there will be no shipping cost to you. The order will also be delivered to the prison mailroom staff within 24 hours of submitting payment.
    2. If your order is going to a non-contracted facility anywhere in the United States, we will add shipping charges to the invoice. TextBehind will ship your order within 24 hours. In this case, the delivery of your order will be performed by the postal carrier service.


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