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10 - Document Management System For Mass Communications

10.4 - DMS pricing schedule

For contracted facilities - with on-location printing equipment:

For an order with up to the first 10 pages, the pricing will start at $0.50 per order, per inmate recipient depending on the volume. 

  • After the first 10 pages, the additional pages will be quoted based on the overall volume.  
  • The price per page will not change based on the colors of the content.
  • The printing and delivery process will be completed on-location by the correctional facility staff.
  • Please email us with your high-volume orders at

For non-contracted facilities:

If your order delivery process involves shipping to a correctional facility (regardless of contract status), TextBehind will add the USPS shipping fee to your order cost exactly as quoted by the USPS system. TextBehind does not charge any hidden fees.
  • You will see the shipping charge in the invoice email that you will receive
  • The USPS shipping fee will be AT COST and may vary based on the weight and destination zip code for your order.


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