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10 - Document Management System For Mass Communications

10.3 - What are the advantages of TextBehind DMS

TextBehind DMS makes Mass Communications processing significantly more efficient for your organization in the following ways:

When you or your staff maintain inmate rosters, print all documents individually, organize document sets for each inmate, and ship by yourself, this process consumes significant time and costs every step of the way, and it all adds up throughout the year.

Advantage # 1:
With TextBehind DMS, all you will need to do is to send your contents to us and we will take care of it for you professionally and more efficiently.

The same laborious and repetitive work also consumes valuable time that you or your staff could be spending in creating more content and planning for the next mass communication cycle.

Advantage # 2:
With TextBehind, you will save significant time, cost, and streamline your content delivery to your target audience using better frequency.

Most organizations do not have access to DAILY ACTIVE inmate rosters.

Advantage # 3:
TextBehind receives updated inmate rosters from our contracted correctional facilities every 24 hours, sometimes multiples times per day. As a result, we will send your data only for the ACTIVE inmates and that’s the only volume you will be paying for. This system will provide you with better foresight regarding the recipients, thus eliminating guesswork, wastage of money, and resources for you.


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