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10 - Document Management System For Mass Communications

10.2 - How does DMS work – The process lifecycle

  1. Compile a list of inmates (recipients' roster) using a predefined template:
    1. If you currently do not have a roster of your desired recipients at the correctional facility, you can request an updated roster containing all active inmates at a contracted correctional facility from TextBehind by emailing to  

  2. Send recipients' roster and your documents (MCCs) to TextBehind by email: 
    1. TextBehind will verify inmates and assess the cost of processing your documents based on the number of inmate recipients. TextBehind will send to you an email with the invoice and payment. 
  3. After the payment has been completed, the TextBehind system will begin processing all MCCs for each inmate(s). The data will be sent to the target correctional facility’s mailroom staff using the DMS system for their review and approval within 24 hours Monday through Friday.
    1. Depending on the nature of the contract between TextBehind and the target correctional facility, your MCCs will be delivered to the correctional facility’s mailroom staff using one of the following methods:
      1. MCCs will be printed at the correctional facility (the most frequent method)
      2. MCCs will be made available to the applicable inmates electronically using tablets/kiosks.
      3. MCCs will be printed and shipped by TextBehind to the target correctional facility using the USPS ground shipping method. In this method, the shipping & handling cost will be added. 
You will be notified which delivery method will be used for each of your order(s).


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