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1.4 - Difference between contracted and non-contracted facilities

TextBehind is a nationwide service and can send your letters to any prison facility regardless of its type, status, and location across the United States. You can use TextBehind to communicate with your incarcerated loved ones within the United States from anywhere in the world. 

CONTRACTED facilities are institutions that have selected TextBehind® as their dedicated mail management service to manage all their inmate mail, including electronic and physical (hand-written) mail. Based on our service agreement with the facility, we are able to offer our services at a reduced rate and we can perform faster delivery of letters on daily basis. Mail delivery to the contracted facilities may either be shipped via Priority Mail, FedEx Overnight, or even electronically delivered to be printed at the correctional facility by the prison staff. 

NON-CONTRACTED facilities are all other institutions nationwide where standard rates apply. The only difference is that letters are shipped to these locations via USPS® First-Class mail or ground shipping. 

Regardless of the institution type and TextBehind contract status, all mail is subject to review and approval by the correctional facility staff. TextBehind does not and can not interfere with the internal rules and processes enforced by the prison administration. TextBehind is NOT responsible for any redacted, partially rejected, or entirely rejected mailing to the inmate. 

How do I know if my loved one is at a contracted or non-contracted facility:

Please go to MAIN MENU >> MANAGE CONTACTS to add any inmate as your contact. If the inmate is located at any of our contracted facilities, their profile bar will have an ORANGE color while the non-contracted facility inmate profile will appear as BLUE


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