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1.3 - Pricing and credits

For this section, please go to: (website) or HOME screen of TextBehind mobile app

How do I pay for TextBehind services:

Services offered by TextBehind can be paid for using a valid credit or debit card as well as by purchasing one of the discount deals containing any number and type of credit. 

To check your credits balance, please go to MY ACCOUNT and then scroll down to the "My Account Summary" section. The link "Add more credits with Special Savings" is provided right below the summary section.

What is a credit:

A credit (think of a stamp for example) allows you to submit one order transaction with its default product specification such as a Text Message or a TextCard with their allocated volume of text and the number of photos. If you are adding more content to your order such as additional photos or add-on text, additional credits will be deducted from your balance or, the system will ask you to pay using your credit or debit card instead.

Types of credits:

There are TWO types of credits in the TextBehind system. The CONTRACTED (shown in ORANGE color) and the NON-CONTRACTED (shown in BLUE color). This two-credit system is based on the contractual relationship between TextBehind and the correctional facility where your loved one is located at the time.

Regardless of the contractual relationship between TextBehind and the correctional facility, the method by which you will create a letter and submit the order does not change. The difference is only related to how fast your letter can be delivered to the prison facility. Learn more about shipping and delivery of letters.

What if you are unable to use the credits after purchasing a discount deal:

The TextBehind system is designed to show you discount deals with the correct credit type based on the correctional facility where your loved one is located at the time. For example, if you have an inmate contact that is at a CONTRACTED facility, you will see discount deals in orange color

If you have multiple inmate contacts added that are located in CONTRACTED as well as NON-CONTRACTED facilities, then you'll see both types of deals. 


Please make sure to add at least one contact to your account BEFORE purchasing a discount deal to get the CORRECT TYPE OF CREDITS. Learn more about how to add an inmate.

I purchased the wrong deal, what do I do: 

There's no need to worry if you purchased an incorrect deal type and credits do not show up in your account as expected OR if your loved one has been transferred to a different facility and your credits balance is no longer usable. We are here to help. Please send us an email using the feedback form below or from the CONTACT US page and we will convert your applicable credits to the correct type. 

Where to find pricing for TextBehind services:

The home screens on both the TextBehind website and mobile app show all default services prices. The discount deals are shown on the SPECIAL SAVINGS screen. If you're using the mobile app, please click on the MAIN MENU icon in the top left corner of your screen and select "HOME". Then scroll down to see pricing.

Service pricing for all CONTRACTED facilities is provided in ORANGE boxes and for NON-CONTRACTED facilities in BLUE boxes. Discount deals are colored accordingly. 

How to pay for individual orders using a credit or debit card:

You may be required to pay for an order by credit or debit card if the discount deals are unavailable, you do not have the correct type of credits or you do not have sufficient credits in your account. In this case, SUBMIT THE ORDER as normal and in the payment box, click on the "Pay by credit/debit card" button and follow the options provided by the system. 

Chargeback penalty:

TextBehind support team is available to resolve any transactional issue for you upon request. If you made a wrong transaction or want to convert your credits and even request a refund for unused applicable credits, please always notify TextBehind first to allow us the opportunity to resolve the issue within a reasonable time. 

When you notify your bank and deny the transaction you made yourself in the first place, they issue a chargeback that imposes additional fees and may result in a bad rating to your account. As a result, TextBehind may terminate your account permanently until applicable fees are recovered. Filing an unjustified chargeback is considered fraud and TextBehind takes that process very seriously. 

TextBehind practices fair business and is always available to help out customers based on compassion and courtesy.  


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