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1 - The Basics

1.2 - Getting started with TextBehind

TextBehind system is made available to you via our website as well as mobile app for Android and iPhone smartphones.

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer:

If you are using a desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows, please make sure to download Google Chrome browser for best experience. If you are using Apple iMac computer or MacBook laptop, the default Apple Safari browser can be used.

We do not recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browsers due to frequent compatibility issues with modern websites using advanced functions like

If you are using a smartphone:

If you use a handheld device (iPhone, iPad, Android phone or any tablet), the TextBehind mobile apps are available on your respective app stores. Please look up "TextBehind mobile app" to locate the TextBehind free mobile app using any search engine on within the app store itself for your Android or Apple iPhone smartphone. TextBehind app is compatible with these smartphones using operating system as old as Android 5 (2014) and iOS 4.2 (2010). 

TextBehind Process Checklist A to Z:

  1. Sign up / Register an account:

    Please go to to get started if you do not have an account with TextBehind yet. 

    Once you submit your initial information, look for a text message or email message with a one-time 4-digit code. You will need this code to activate your account. If you did not receive your account activation code, don't worry. Please go to to request code again. 

    At the time of registration if system is telling you that your email address or phone number are already taken, it only means that your previous registration attempt and data is still saved in our system. All you have to do now is activate your account and then proceed to login. 

  2. Activate the newly registered account:

    Please go to

  3. Log into your account:

    Please go to

    If you've forgotten your password or need to reset it, please go to

  4. Add a contact:

    Please go to (MAIN MENU >> MANAGE CONTACTS) section to use any of the THREE options made available to you. 

    Option 1 - SEARCH:
    Enter your loved one's full name OR inmate ID to see if they're already in TextBehind system for you to select quickly. If your loved one's name or ID does not show up, don't worry. You can always add them manually yourself using other options below.

    Option 2 - Add Contact Yourself:
    Here you can add the details for your inmate yourself. Please make sure that you're entering CORRECT, COMPLETE and VALID information for your loved one. We do not verify the information you submit using this option. If you are unsure, please use option 3 and let TextBehind staff help you find your contact and add to your account themselves. 

    Option 3 - Request Help Adding Your Loved One:
    TextBehind staff are available to help you find the most accurate and valid information about your loved one. If you have any doubt that you may not have the correct information about your loved one you're wanting to add, please submit your information using this Option 3 and we will provide necessary assistance. 

  5. Create a transaction and submit your order:

    Please select any of the transaction types to your liking from the MAIN MENU such as Text Message, Photos, TextCards or Doodles4Kids.

    For example, please go to and follow the guided process (3 STEPS) on that page. 

    How to pay for a transaction:
    1. You can pay for a transaction at the time of submitting an order, OR
    2. Purchase one of the discount deals (SPECIAL SAVINGS) prior to creating a transaction
  6. My Account:

    Please log in and go to to access MY ACCOUNT page. You can monitor and manage all your personal account settings, buy credits, see account balance, access other sections of the website and manage your payment methods conveniently from one page. 


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