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1 - The Basics

1.1 - What is TextBehind and how it works

TextBehind® is a compassion-based communication service that works as a convenient bridge between families, friends and their incarcerated loved ones. Using TextBehind® website and/or smartphone mobile app, you can create a FREE account, easily add incarcerated loved one(s) as contacts and begin creating your letters with photos electronically. 

After you submit the order, TextBehind processes your letters to the correctional institutions selected for the inmate in your contact list. Couriers such as USPS or FedEx deliver your letters to the prison mailroom staff after we ship them. At which point, prison staff take over the process and distribute mail to the inmates internally if the contents of your letter are approved by them.

TextBehind does not and cannot interfere with couriers or any of the internal decisions by the prison staff. 


1) TextBehind does not deliver any mail to the inmate directly nor do we guarantee delivery of your letters to the inmates by the courier or prison staff. Once we process your letters and ship them out on your behalf, we are out of the loop entirely. However, at times we may offer to resend your letters under certain strict conditions as courtesy. 

2) Inmates do not receive any invites when you add them and neither do they need to accept use of TextBehind service. Once you add the inmate, you can create letters for them. 

Inmate Reply Letters:

Your incarcerated loved ones can also send a reply letter in your name to TextBehind if they so choose to.

Upon receiving, TextBehind staff open their letters, scan and upload high quality images to your TextBehind account as a complimentary service. You are not required to have any money or credits balance in your TextBehind account to receive inmate letters. You will receive a text and email alert to notify you of any new incoming reply letters. At that time, you can log into TextBehind website or mobile app and view the letters in your MANAGE CONTACTS >> All Conversations section. 

Inmates do however require a stamp to send out their letters to TextBehind using Postal Service. Your account cash balance or credits cannot be shared with inmates as substitute for the stamps. It is not a policy authorized by prisons in general. 

TextBehind® website and smartphone app:

TextBehind website as well as mobile app work in the same way. The guidelines provided in HELP TOPICS will apply to both website and mobile app users.

TextBehind Customer Support Process:

All TextBehind Customer Support to family and friends (customes) is provided via email and text messages only.

Any voicemail messages left after calling TextBehind toll-free corporate phone number will be ignored because of different departments and staff.  

You can reach out to our customer support with any requests using our CONTACT US page located at Additionally, every HELP TOPIC is followed by a feedback form that you can use to reach out to us. Please scroll down on this page to see one of the feedback forms for example.

Typically, a response to your inquiry is provided within 24 hours. 92% of all inquiries are responded to within the first hour. 


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